“Leap, and the net will appear.”

Shaman Jean has taken her path as a shaman very seriously. She is known as someone who walks her talk. As she once told her father when he questioned what kind of religion she was now in: “This isn’t a religion papa – this is a way of life – the path I have chosen to follow and stay on.”

Jean was raised believing in the power of faith in God by her grandmother, who in actuality was “mom” to her. Jean lived with her grandmother for the first five years of her life while her parents were building a home nearby. She called both her “mothers” Mom. Growing up, she remembers always being told to “ask God for whatever she needed, and she would get it.” She trusted in this and has never faltered in knowing that Spirit is always by her side guiding and loving her. NO matter what challenges come her way, her faith in getting through them has kept her going.


Before the Shamanic Path came her way, Jean was already searching. Carlos Castaneda was a great influence during her time in college and then Hank Wesselman. She was taught how to use Tuning Forks to move energy, then she took Reiki classes and became a Reiki Master. For a short time, she taught Reiki, but as her shamanic work took over, she knew that was not the path she wanted to continue.

Jean began studying with Ginger Lee, and when she informed Ginger that she was ready to be gifted with the Kuraq Aqulleq initiation, she knew she was totally stepping into the Shamanic Path and there was no turning back. At that time, she informed Spirit and all of her lineage that she was ready to become the hollow bone that could be used to help others. After her training, she knew she had to retire from teaching accounting at Central New Mexico Community College, because all she could think of was the call to be of service to others. She had already opened up her home to work on clients and had also made classes available to students.

When her Advanced Shamanic classes were over, she convinced her teachers, Ginger and Dale Lee, to come to New Mexico to share their knowledge. She found the students for the classes, and provided a safe space for teaching and learning, always with the help of Spirit. After working side-by-side with her teachers for a few years, Jean began teaching with her own materials and curriculum.

Jean believes that all of her teachers helped her in this walk and would not have done it any differently. She continues to always pay gratitude and honor to those that taught her.

Jean has always known that she is not the one doing the work, but there are those who are working through her. She gives all the glory and honor to Spirit, her helpers, her power animals and the lineage that come in to guide her, and work through her, whether she is working on a client; clearing homes, businesses or properties; extracting negative energies; teaching classes; or just sitting and talking with others.

Jean enjoys explaining to her students that she is not any better than anyone else, and believes that she is on an equal level with them. She challenges her students to surpass her knowledge and to be even stronger than her in working with Spirit. But she also lets students know that she won’t stop and wait for them.

Jean firmly believes that she is offering her students knowledge imparted to her by others but especially by Spirit. She gives her students a foundation and encourages them to add or detract from it as Spirit leads. There is no Dogma in her work or teaching.

“Get off the cross, baby. Someone else needs the wood.”