Classes Taught By Shaman Jean


The classes include meeting four different weekends. Each weekend the students will work on themselves to move things through their lives. They will utilize a Medicine Shield to move things in a continuous manner as they will use it during class and when home. Each direction is unique and helps the student walk on their path in a systematic way.

South – Shedding your skin of your past and programming.
This direction begins with a brief overview of the work of a shaman, the Inca tradition that will be learned, and the three worlds they will be working in while doing their shedding. The student will learn how to clear chakras, how to journey to the Lower World and obtain a power animal, how to turn the Triangle of Disempowerment into a Triangle of Empowerment, and work with non-judgment, non-suffering, non-attachment and Beauty. They will learn how to use a pendulum along with eye and breathing exercises. Fire Ceremony will be utilized to energetically remove the energy from their current life’s story. They will be gifted and initiated with the first 3 rites of the Munay-Ki – The Healers Rite, The Archetypes Rite and The Bands of Power.

West – The Way Beyond Death.
In this direction the student will address their fear of death. They will also learn what it takes to Walk the path of the Luminous Warrior while developing their medicine body. Working with their Shadow, their Ancestors and Forgiveness is also included. A new breathing exercise will be learned along with a journey to review 3 of their lifetimes. Again a Medicine Shield and a Fire Ceremony will aid them through this direction. They will be gifted and initiated with the 4th and 5th Rites of the Munay-Ki – The Seers Rite and the Daykeepers Rite.

North – Connecting with your Lineage.
In this direction the student will work with the roles they have been playing in this lifetime, Invisibility, learning how to master time, how to be invisible and how to release informing from past lifetimes. They will also do journeys to look at their highest destiny. Their Fire Ceremony will be used to court and meet with their Lineage – medicine men and women from the beginning of time. Continued work on their Medicine Shield will be incorporated in the class. They will be gifted and initiated with the 6th and 7th Rite of the Munay-Ki – The Wisdomkeeper Rite and the Earth Keeper Rite.

East – Flying With Spirit.
This is the final class in the Medicine Wheel. New Breath work is learned. With the help of a fellow classmate they will come up with a core belief they need to work through using their Medicine Shield. Techniques to learn how to Remove and Dissolve Energy are taught. A Journey to move through the Momentum Tunnel is utilized to look at a possible future. Students will learn how to make a Despacho and offer it up to Pachamama in Ceremony. The last 3 Rites of the Munay-Ki are gifted and initiated – 8th , 9th and 13th Rite – The Star Keepers Rite, the Creators Rite and the Rite of the Womb.


Our priority in life should be to be clear of all hucha (heavy energy). We also want to live in and work in a clear environment. While it would be wonderful to only commune with those who have no heavy energy, that is not possible as they have free will and clearing them without their permission is not recommended.

In this class you will learn several different ways of clearing hucha. The techniques come from the Q’ero Shaman in Peru. They include releasing your own hucha, Hucha Mikhuy (Eating and Digesting Hucha). You are taught how to break hexes, curses, spells and vows along with removing entities. Working with an Extraction Crystal is also addressed. Class time will be used to work with classmates as you practice hucha clearing.

Clearing procedures for homes and business are covered with many examples of things they may or may not encounter. They will learn how to set up shields and walls to stop the entry of hucha.
Breathing exercises and two journeys are also a part of the class.

Pre-requisite: Medicine Wheel – 4 Directions


This class will allow the student to learn how to perform an Illumination on others. This Illumination process entails learning how to work at getting to the core issue that is affecting the client. After the issue is decided, the process involves leading the client through releasing the imprints that have made themselves a part of the Luminous Energy Field. Practice with fellow classmates gives you a hands-on learning experience. Your instructor is there to guide and facilitate the learning process.

Breathing exercises and journeys will be mixed in with the class work.

Pre-Requisites: Medicine Wheel – 4 Directions and Clearing Procedures for You, Others, Homes, Land and Businesses Classes.


Soul Retrievals are needed when a part of us leaves due to fear, trauma and/or abuse. The student will learn how to determine if a soul retrieval is needed. The Soul Retrieval Procedure will be taught. An opportunity to practice and with a fellow student will be afforded during class. You will also be taught how to help someone energetically disconnect from someone.

Pre-Requisites: Medicine Wheel – 4 Directions, Clearing Procedures for You, Others, Homes, Land and Businesses and Illuminations Classes.


“Dying consciously” – maintaining consciousness intact through the journey of death and beyond – is designed for all persons involved in the dying process: The individual, family members, and friends. Its purpose is to assist the person who is making the journey beyond death to do so in a peaceful manner, full of light.

Students will learn how to help with the process by conducting chakra clearings to remove anything the client has that is holding him/her here. They will learn how to help the client give and receive forgiveness from those who may have hurt or have hurt them. Helping the client go through the Recapitulation Process is important in allowing him/her to prepare to leave this earth plane. Working with the family and helping them deal with the impending death is also dealt with in the class.

The student will, once again, be allowed to face his/her own death.

Pre-Requisites: Medicine Wheel – 4 Directions  & Clearing Procedures For You


I believe that a shaman’s way of staying in balance is to allow themselves to be of service to their community. In this class the student will be shown how to conduct Fire and Despacho Ceremonies. They will also be shown how to lead Journey Workshops.

Pre-requisite: Pre-Requisites: Medicine Wheel – 4 Directions, Clearing Procedures for You, Others, Homes, Land and Businesses and Illuminations Classes.

Private Sessions are available in English and Spanish