Shamanic Healing



The definition for Chakra is “wheel”. Our body is an energetic system through which the universal life force flows. We have 7 major chakras that are a part of your energetic self. They connect you with a larger part of yourself, the universe and hold the secrets of your unique self, your unique soul. Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness, so it’s important to keep the energy flowing freely. Our chakras sometimes are filled with sludge and cannot spin correctly. Shaman Jean will work with each individual chakra, opening it, cleaning it out and filling it with light. An energetic clearing is necessary to help them function correctly.


In the Incan shamanic traditions there are no “bad or negative” energies. There are only energies that are “light,” and so support life, and energies that are “heavy,” which need to be removed.

There are times when events, addictions or traumas in our lives can attract Heavy Energies or Entities. Heavy Energy that we create in our own lives, or that is created by someone else that we come in contact with, can take on a life of its own and impact us in various ways. This dense energy needs to be removed and discarded.

Sometimes, an Earthbound Spirit may be present. That spirit can attach to your energy body. The spirit should be removed and sent across the Rainbow Bridge to The Light, so that you and the spirit can receive healing.

Shaman Jean works with removing Hucha (Heavy Energies) and Entities that have invaded your field. The need for Exorcism is very real—even in today’s world.


These can be intentionally sent toward an individual, a family, or a place and can cause havoc and illness. Curses need not be done intentionally but sometimes some things are expressed in such a forceful manner (extreme anger) we find that what is said has just placed a curse upon the person or thing that the words were directed towards. All three, curses, hexes, and spells need to be broken and the person or persons who were affected need to be placed under a spiritual protection. Energetic walls may also need to be put in place to further protect the client.


The Illumination process transforms heavy energies into light, thus allowing you to turn your emotional wounds into sources of power and wisdom.

An Illumination burns up any sludge or deposits that have attached themselves to your chakra wall. It combusts any toxic energy causing physical and emotional imprints. This then allows the cleaning of the imprints from your Luminous Energy Field that are associated with the “theme” you are working through. When the imprints are erased (cleaned out) negative emotions and behaviors can be erased thus allowing your immune system to open up and allow physical healing to move forward.

Since only one healing issue, along with its chakra, should be worked on during this type of session, it is important that the core issue be found. While you work with your Shaman, issues make themselves known. This then begins the process of honing in to the deep down core that affects your chakra as you both, together, talk it through.


Soul Retrieval is the process of retrieving parts of ourselves that we have lost due to trauma or abuse. When your soul part has fled, you feel as though something is missing or maybe you feel as if something is following you. It can manifest as an illness, emotional upheaval, fear and insecurity. Soul loss may also occur when you willingly give part of your soul to someone.

Together with your shaman it will be determined if you did have soul loss. If that is the conclusion, Shaman Jean will journey on your behalf to retrieve the missing soul part. The part is then reintegrated into you. Processing is then done to allow you to understand the circumstances of the soul loss and what is needed in to order to keep it from leaving once again.


Balancing your adrenal pulse with the “earth pulse” which is the pulse at which the earth resonates, can be very beneficial if you experience much stress in your life or you have been through a traumatic event. The “Earth Pulse” is known as the Schumann Resonance and is approximately 8 beats per minute.

When your adrenal pulse is slowed down to match the “earth pulse”, it works towards balancing your adrenals, and bringing you “back down to earth”. When our system is in a constant state of adrenal imbalance (fight or flight), it is difficult to achieve healing. Abnormal function of an adrenal system has been correlated with inflammatory diseases and deficient immune function. While in this state the body suppresses the healing hormones we need to recover from stress.

Resetting our fight-or-flight response can help you work towards relieving the devastating physiological effects of stress. It is recommended that if you experience a “shocking” experience such as an accident, you should have your Adrenals balanced energetically.


Shaman Jean is an Ordained Minister and is available to assist the person who has or is preparing to transition, as well as the family. One of the greatest gifts that can be given to someone is the ability to face death without fear. This can be a fear of leaving unfinished business or fear of just leaving. Her goal is to be of assistance in helping through clearing away any heavy energy, help with any forgiveness issues, and hold space so that the person passing can do so without any trauma and fear. The goal is assisting your loved one leave this earth plain in a meaningful and as smooth transition as possible. She feels it is the greatest honor to be of assistance in whatever way is needed during this very special time.


Often intrusive and heavy energies can have a profound, negative effect upon those abiding in or doing business in these spaces. It is not unusual for Shaman Jean to be called because objects are being moved or have disappeared in the home, because they smell unusual smells, see shadows, etc. The removal of these energies, closing up of openings in the land (vortex or gateway) where energies are coming from and installation of protective systems can dramatically improve the quality of life/work for all who are affected.


There are times when we have given all of ourselves to someone to the point that we have given them part of our soul. This can happen when you love someone so much that you energetically attach yourself to them with a cord that you can’t seem to cut no matter how you try. This can also happen when someone steals your energy whether they did it intentionally or not. If a person finds that they cannot fully let go of someone even when they are being harmed by them, they should consider doing an energetic disconnect. Shaman Jean with the help of Archangel Michael will walk you through this process holding space for you and clearing you of all imprints that were made a part of your Luminous Energy Field.